Keep On The Shadowfell

Report of our first true D&D 'test run'

Whatsup guys, Mike here.

I just wanted to recount our adventure the other night and acknowledge a few problems we ran into.

I know that there was a major issue with character abilities in that nobody knew what they did, how to use them, or even whether they existed at all. I’ve found a fix, which I’ll tell about in just a little bit.

I also know that when both Shawn and Max hit level 2, we were definitely not prepared and so our levelling bonuses kinda sucked. Again, I’ve found a fix, and again you are going to have to wait just a few for the answer.

Beyond those two big issues, I’m having some trouble remembering anything else. If there were any other problems that you want me to try and address, just send me an email at and I’ll see what I can do.

Now, on to the fixes:
Both problems were caused by a lack of understanding of the game and its rules, and by us not having any of the core documentation that goes along with the game. I spent some time researching, and I found exactly what we need.

You’ll find that I’ve uploaded the DnD character builder. It’s very detailed, and includes all the information you need. Create your character and either upload it to NIQTDND drive or email it to me. For the stats, just manually fill in the stat blocks with the stats we rolled for you on Friday night.

The character sheet that opens when you finish is a little too complex, so I’m going to download all your sheets and put the information in a more user-friendly format (I’ll upload my character as an example).

If you want to create an entirely new character (rather than just filling your character into the builder), then do so, and still add your stats we rolled on Friday. I’ll go through and change the stats that no longer fit with your new character.

Along with a character builder, I found a levelling system that will work a hell of a lot better: Starting XP is 0, with 1000XP needed to reach level 2, 2250 to reach level 3, and so on. This way, enemies can give more varied amounts of XP depending on class, race and level, and more encounters can happen without fear that one character will dominate.

I’m busy working on a full campaign at the moment, modding the story myself. I’m adding my own weapons as well, because the template campaign I’m working from has a really shit reward system. This means that I need your finalised character sheets back before I can decide on what weapons to add, as each weapon/armor set will be granting bonuses based on class and race.

One more thing; I’m uploading a copy of the player’s handbook and the monster guide (both PDFs). I’m not asking you guys to read them (they’re ridiculously long for what they are) but flip through them when you have a moment, just so you can get a bit of a feel for what kinds of things you can actually do.

I think that’s everything, if you think of anything I missed or anything you want special attention paid to, just send an email to the niqt account and I’ll have a look.

Your friendly neighborhood dungeon master,


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